Secure documents processing

Data encryption, role policy, document registries


Data encryption

All information stored in the system is encrypted with a modern cryptographic algorithm.In addition to encryption, files located on a server or network storage undergo an additional process of anonymization, which complicates the process of identifying a specific instance or version. Critical information stored in the database has several protection mechanisms, including protection against administrator actions. Even in the case of direct  database structure intervention, the system will detect changes and notify the responsible persons of compromised data integrity.


Search system and document registers

Flexible search system and user-friendly set-up of registers and document archives ensure usable interface for processing documents, requests, files and business processes available within the role-based policy. In addition, pre-configured filters contribute to search for information you need by the available parameters. You can search by various  process card or document attributes. In addition, the Almexoft platform offers semantic search where spelling, grammatical errors or typos do not affect search results. It is also possible to search not only for a specific word, but also for larger units of language – sentences and phrases. At the same time, system selects composite elements similar in meaning and nature to the search query. Moreover, it provides the ability to form complex search queries by various parameters, specifying samples of documents, processes or applications. Such a search query can be saved for later use.


Process variables and roles

The system provides for the use of process variables and roles. There is a number of preset roles, such as Author, Responsible, Author’s Supervisor, etc. When designing a business process (template), the user can create his own roles and variables, if necessary, assign them default values. Values in variables and process roles will differ for different instances of the same business process and can be changed during the execution of a business process instance using custom forms, external system modules or Drools scripts.

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