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If you fill out the registration form on our site, it means an agreement with our privacy policy. In addition, you agree that we may disclose your personal information in the following cases:

  1. In the case of personal consent: in other cases, before Our Company transmits your confidential information to third parties, we must obtain personal consent. For example, if a third party offers to cooperate with our company or a competition, then we will request your permission to use personal data.
  2. To companies that work on behalf of Our Company: Your personal information may be partially disclosed to a company that performs business support functions on our behalf. We require that such companies use the data solely to provide services under the agreement; they are prohibited from sharing your sensitive information with other parties in situations, but in situations where the provision of conditioned services must transfer personal information to them. Executing orders, executing applications, awarding bonuses and prizes, managing information systems and organizing surveys will win customers – all of these are business support features. It also provides for the disclosure of generalized, non-personalized data in the case of a service provider.
  3. Joint ventures and subsidiaries. In the process of transmitting your confidential data to a joint venture or subsidiary partner, you are required not to disseminate the data to other parties for promotional purposes and not to use your data in any way that is contrary to your choice. We will not share your confidential information with our joint venture and affiliate partners for advertising purposes unless you indicate that you do not wish to receive marketing material from our Company.
  4. The agreement stipulates that jointly or affiliated pages of our Company have the right to distribute data to partner companies, together with whom we are engaged in the implementation of special measures and offers for the promotion of goods on the common pages of the site. You will be warned on such pages about the transfer of personal data. Before submitting your personal information, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the privacy message that the partner will use the information you provide.
  5. In the case of a transfer of control of an enterprise: we have the right to transfer your confidential information in the case of the transfer of the full or partial sale of our assets or the enterprise as a whole. You have every right to refuse to transfer personal data. This will mean that the new organization will not have the right and ability to continue providing you with the products and services previously provided by our Company.
  6. Law enforcement: We may, without your consent, disclose your sensitive information to third parties for the following reasons: the protection or enforcement of the rights of the Company’s subsidiaries or the rights of the Company itself; assistance in the prevention of fraud; court orders avoiding violations of law or regulations.

All confidential information that you submit for registration on our site may be changed at any time or deleted at your request. All you have to do is contact us in any way that is convenient and convenient for you by using the contact information provided in the special section on our site. You will opt out of our regular mailing and receiving letters regularly. At the end of all emails there is a refusal link, you can use it at any time.

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