Streamline contracts approvals for enhanced workflow efficiency

Create, negotiate, and sign your contract within a single platform. Be sure that your team will work on schedule and on time

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Create contracts and customizable document forms effortlessly

The platform seamlessly integrates with financial portal, ensuring accurate currency exchange rates.
Additionally, the system retrieves data from external sources such as Opendatabot, DowJones, and internal accounting system to assess the counterparty’s credibility to retrieve external data to assess counterparty credibility. Generate a list of approvers based on the response, contract amount, and type.

Optimize contract lifecycle management

Digital Transformation for Business Acceleration

The platform implementation speeds up business by abandoning the paper model of document flow management.

Efficient Business Process Management

Streamlining the coordination and monitoring of business processes and interactions with users and contractors.

Advanced Technology for Supply Chain Optimization

Improving interactions along the entire supply chain to boost productivity and effectiveness.

Remove obstructions

Get rid of obstacles that slow down your business processes by implementing a straight forward contract lifecycle management system. Prioritized signing sequence, and adaptable user authorizations to promote order within your team and automate tedious duties, thus optimizing your operations

Organized contractual work with subcontractors

To enhance the efficiency and convenience of working with contractors on the platform, Almexoft provides tools for managing electronic document flow. The platform also includes AlmexSign, an innovative module that simplifies in-house document management and exchange with contractors through a unified platform.

Contract storage and systematisation system

Storage and systematization of all contracts of your company with many amendments and revisions can lead to chaos. The platform is focused on ordering and structuring all contract-related changes.Due to this, the platform users can easily access these documents, keep them in order and track the entire history of contract amendments.

Automate contract lifecycle management with ALMEXOFT!

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