Heavy industry and metallurgy

Almexoft is a unified platform for automating business processes of office work and electronic document management for metallurgical and industrial enterprises.


Features of business process automation for industrial enterprises

The management of large industrial enterprises requires well-structured and well-established processes. The processes of office work, contractual work, organizational, administrative and personnel documentation, applications and appeals of citizens are not an exception. The Almexoft platform was created to automate workflow for industrial metallurgical enterprises.


A strong team of highly qualified professionals, and a base of reference business processes, allow you to implement the system very quickly, and the adaptation and training of employees as efficiently as possible.


Customers are provided with several options for licensing the system to choose from: paying for an annual subscription or a volume license for unlimited use of the system.


A wide range of functional modules allows you to solve in the program a wide variety of management tasks and organization's electronic document management (EDMS).

Business automation system for metallurgical enterprises: advantages of working with
the Almexoft platform

Automation of workflow for industrial enterprises (EDMS for industrial enterprises) is very important to ensure the predictable timing and efficiency of implementation of the decisions made. For a comfortable user experience, the platform has a set of filters for sorting documents, distribution according to office work standards, taking into account the current legislation. A quick search will help in a matter of seconds to find the necessary electronic document by the system or registration number, by a short description, by the date of creation or by users participating in the execution of an electronic document.

How to implement a business process management system and automate the entire document flow in a month?

Check out the experience of platform implementation in the "Detail Wagon Group" corporation

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Automation of business processes and the introduction of electronic document management of metallurgical enterprises are aimed at solving specific problems of the industry:

Processes for fixing incidents in production
HR workflow
Contractual work
Orders and regulatory documents
Incoming documents and appeals of citizens
Internal documents
Service notes
Application system

Benefit from turnkey processes for your industry

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