EDS (Electronic Digital Signatures)

The platform offers the possibility to use Electronic Digital Signatures to give legal significance to electronic documents and user actions. The platform uses standard protocols for working with electronic keys, interacting with  all available standard Accredited Key Certification Centers (ACCC).

Accredited Key Certification Centers (See the above. Should it be twice?). With EDS users can certify: any decision-making, agreeing and signing a document card, signing the attachment file directly. For all users who have access to the attachment, but are not entitled to receive an edited original attachment, a PDF document with added information about all users who have applied an EDS in the form of a QR code will be available, which contains information about the details of the electronic digital signature, the user’s full name, who applied the signature, the parameters of the used EDS key.

The platform implements work with EDS envelopes (containers), which allows you to upload electronic documents to the system, signatures to which are generated in third-party systems, as well as upload electronic documents signed by an EDS to third-party systems.


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