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Get quick access to statistical data to analyze personal performance or overall process performance

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  • Report creation tools

    Thanks to the use of the JasperReports reporting system, the Almexoft platform offers the ability to quickly configure reports and analytics. The extensive capabilities of JasperReports allow for the retrieval, visualization, and storage of generated reports in various file formats. A report can include any number of additional parameters and operate on any data available within the data security policy of the system

  • Built-in analytics

    The extensive capabilities of the platform provide quick access to statistical data for analyzing individual performance or the overall efficiency of processes within the company. Managers can analyze employee performance discipline within their department, manage workloads, assess efficiency, and monitor task completion deadlines. Additionally, top-level managers can perform analytical assessments both across departments as a whole and for individual selected employees. These mechanisms allow for process analysis, identification of bottlenecks, and optimization of current processes


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