Agrarian companies

By implementing the platform, you can boost the performance of employees, minimize costs and organize perfect industry business processes in agrarian companies. Influence the financial indicators of agrarian enterprises with the help of flexible automation tools from Almexoft.


Key features of implementing the business automation system in agrarian companies:

The management of agrarian companies requires well-arranged and streamlined business processes, as well as flexible tools for a speedy transition to a paperless document flow. Digital transformation in the agrarian sector is focused on automation of budgeting, season-related costs, control of execution of tasks, optimization of document exchange with contractors and EDMS implementation. Together with Almexoft, it is easy to manage and automate specific industry business processes for agrarian companies, including EDMS implementation.

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Due to the availability of a base of reference business processes, implementation proceeds quickly, and the adjustment and training of employees are very effective. In addition, due to a unique and multifunctional AlmexBPM business process designer, it is easy to customize individual requirements to the processes and documents of an agrarian company.

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A wide range of different functional modules and preset integrations makes it possible to expand the standard platform functional and solve a variety of industry tasks in the system.

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The system increases the organization's management efficiency. The availability of tools for tracking task execution steps and assignments, and automatic escalation enable organizing efficiently the management of a company in the agro sector.

How to implement a business process management system and automate the entire document flow in a month?

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The business automation system in agrarian companies: innovative solutions for all-round development of the agrarian sector.

The platform ensures a high level of document security and provides the capability of forming and managing processes, templates, electronic cards, timings and reports.


Almexoft helps to put in order and systematize electronic documents using sorting filters. This makes it possible to promptly find needed electronic documents by their definite parameters.

Search is possible by the following tags: system or registration number; brief description and date of creation; document author, approving person, and signing and responsible person.


The availability of mobile applications for iOS and Android enables all the employees of agrarian companies to perform tasks, obtain approvals, and be familiarized with documents without even sitting at a workstation.

The significant thing is that this provides mobility for the company management by allowing them to control business processes from any place in the world.


Automation of business processes and implementation of electronic document flow (EDMS) in agrarian companies based on the low-code Almexoft platform is focused on solving industry-specific tasks, namely:

● Automation of in-house document flow processes;
● Automation of document flow with contractors;
● Scheduling, obtaining approvals and the final procurement approval;
● Records of tasks completed by the personnel;
● Control of business trips;
● Managing personnel-related processes;

Advantages of automation and ready-made business processes of agricultural companies

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