Document display and security management

Applying watermarks, QR and barcodes

picture watermark
picture watermark


As an additional security measure, the electronic document management system uses mechanisms of “watermarking” the viewed documents. The type and location of the watermark, as well as information it shows, can be customized to the needs of a particular instance of the system, depending on the goals and security level of the attached documents. For example, every user viewing a document (attachment) with the built-in preview mechanism will see a watermark with their full name and personal ID. Such preventive measures allow you to minimize information leakage by taking screenshots of an external device.

QR and barcode

Barcode and QR codes are generated to speed up access to documents and view EDS details. So, in case of signing a document with EDS, a QR code is added to the last page, which contains extended information about the signatory and the document itself.

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