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Automation of business processes of any level of complexity

Almexoft offers an end-to-end solution that includes a full-featured process builder for creating complex structured processes, as well as a powerful process execution engine capable of handling millions of operations simultaneously.

Using low-code tools, business analysts can independently configure the necessary sequence of actions, custom interfaces, transition conditions, and rules for automatic execution of steps or data processing without the need for developer involvement.

  • Graphic business process editor

    Almexoft offers advanced capabilities for customizing the business process interface to meet unique requirements. Built-in visual editing tools make it easy to change the layout of elements on the business process card, add new objects and columns to the data structure, create tabs and details, and customize the working environment

  • DROOLS mechanism for configuring business logic

    Almexoft is capable of modeling complex business logic that goes beyond the standard builder.

    To address this challenge, the Almexoft platform utilizes an embedded language for describing business logic and Drools rules. Drools scripts can be executed both at the start and end of business process execution, as well as in transitional functions between stages. By using high-level variables (such as roles and process variables) and almost all core system objects, Drools allows for the creation of non-linear business process logic, making on-the-fly adjustments and automatically tracking and correcting user decisions


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