Document flow

Document approval routes, electronic archive

Document routes

System allows configuring document approval routes of any complexity using the platform’s BPM module. The subsequent launch and entire document processing (approval, signing, execution, etc.) is available in the Progress tab in the document card; the user can follow working process of all participants. In this case, the stages are displayed in chronological order with time and decision results tagging.  It is easy to analyze approval, registration, execution or any other stage in accordance with BPM settings using progress option or built-in document reports.

Progress option also shows automatic stages (the system performs with no user participation according to a specific scenario and conditions). It is possible to assign group or individual cards for approval, assignment, execution or signing of a document. This function provides each user with individual specific tasks having a unique description and deadlines, and the document processing progress will be displayed in the card until the end of the stage.

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Electronic archive

The system has built-in functionality for organizing an electronic archive of documents. You can set up the requirements for transfer to archive per each type of document. This determines which data can be deleted (for example, chat), which additional parameters will be added to the document card. In this case, documents from archive can be uploaded to a third-party system, including in the .xml format. Access to archival documents can also be limited to a certain circle of users by role or individually.

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The search in the archive is effected by various parameters (metadata) from the document electronic card, including semantic search. Spelling, grammatical errors or typos do not affect the output result with semantic search. The platform provides the ability to form complex search queries by various parameters, specifying the selection of documents, processes or applications. This approach makes searching fast and convenient.

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