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Company description: LITIKO — IT Integrator of solutions for digital business transformation. For more than 25 years, it has been automating processes, implementing business management systems, electronic document management and making complex and routine tasks manageable and efficient. The team has implemented more than 200 complex projects for large companies.

Contact: Kyiv, st. Mechnikova, 16a

+38 044 467 50 98


Company description: Ukrainian communication solutions provider for business and home. Provides services on data transmission, internet access, telephony and television, video conferencing and surveillance, satellite communications and cloud solutions.

Contact: Kiev, 03057, Kiev, Smolenskaya st., 31-33

+38 044 538 00 08

Sitronics Telecom Solutions Ukrain

Company description: national supplier of integrated technological solutions. For more than 25 years, the company has been helping corporate clients build IT
environments and networks to improve business results, optimize the cost of solutions and the speed of their

Contact: Kiev, 04073, Stepan Bandera ave., 9, building 2D, office 2-204.

+38 044 239 99 99

Intalev Group of Companies

Company description: a group of companies that develop methodology and automation of financial management systems: budget planning, consolidated
management accounting and reporting, IFRS, payment calendar, electronic document management system.

Contact: Kiev, 04073, Yablochkova st., 1b

+38 044 537 74 11

DE Sales

Website: none.

Company description: DE Sales is a distributor of the Almexoft platform for automation of processes and workflow for medium and large businesses both in
Ukraine and abroad. Provides professional consulting services for business processes and complex automation of enterprises.

AB Consulting

Website: none.

Company description: AB Consulting is the official distributor of the Almexoft platform. The company specializes in complex projects for the automation of
banking and finance. AB Consulting has extensive experience in implementing modern IT solutions to automate banking and digital office processes

Sales Capital

Company description: Sales Capital is a group of companies specializing in the construction and management of corporate sales systems. The main
activities of the company are competitive research, sales consulting, export sales development, construction and monitoring of sales systems, tender support and distribution development.

Contacts: Kiev, 01015, st. Staronavodnitskaya, 17/2

+38 044 227 50 80

TOO IT box

Company description: IT box provides services for the development and implementation of information systems. The company improves the efficiency of its clients’ businesses through the implementation of enterprise resource management (ERP), dispatch (FMS),
business intelligence (BI), budgeting and electronic document management systems.

+7 777 111 00 82

TOO BS Garant

Website: none.

Company description: BS Garant provides
qualified outsourcing and consulting services to create favorable conditions for business development.

Contact: Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan, st.
Sauran 48, BC «Congress office»

+7 701 512 60 53


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