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ArcelorMittal is the world’s leading steel producer and holds a leading position in the world’s major steel markets, including automotive, construction, household appliances and packaging. The company also has large stocks of raw materials and an efficient marketing system. The ArcelorMittal company, which employs more than 222,000 people, has representative offices in 60 countries around the world.During the first phase* of project implementation main type of processes have been set up:

  • Project approval;
  • Procurement processes: starting from the purchase order through the tender process and compliance to contract management;
  • HR applications;
  • Business trip automation;
  • Legal documents (POA approval);
  • Compliance;
  • Social and welfare services.

Continental Farmers Group

Continental Farmers Group is a joint agricultural holding, which has been operating as a single business since 2019. It was formed by merging of two powerful agricultural companies, the leaders of the domestic agricultural sector MRIYA Agroholding (since 1992) and CFG (Continental Farmers Group) (since 2006).

The result of the Almexoft automation project:

  • 2500+ users in a unified system;
  • Project implementation period: 4 months; 
  • Automation of multilevel processes with a complex matrix of coordinating and responsible persons at each stage;
  • Transfer of documents for the last 3 years from the previous system;
  • Integration with Active Directory, 1C, HR-system.

Kazakhmys Corporation

Kazakhmys is the largest copper producer in Kazakhstan, a leading international company for the extraction and processing of natural resources. Copper production is fully integrated, from the extraction of ore to the making of final products such as cathode copper and copper wire.

The result of office automation project:

• More than 7,000 users in a unified system;

• Automation of all record keeping: internal documents, incoming, outgoing, contracts,
organizational documentation, applications, as well as risk department processes;

• Integration with HR Oracle, ERA finance;

• Migration of over 2 million documents from Lotus Notes.


Moneyveo service is the first Ukrainian Fintech-startup of instant loans online. The company’s goal is to provide innovative services to help people.

The result of the business processes automation:

● Automation of incoming and outgoing correspondence processing.

● 2.5 times increase in data processing speed;

● Integration with Active Directory and ERP system;

● Automation of individual financial processes of the company.


Datagroup –  is an all-Ukrainian telecom operator for business and home. Provide services in the segments of data transmission and Internet access, telephony and television, video conferencing and video surveillance, satellite communications and cloud solutions.

The result of automation of business processes and workflow:

  • More than 1000 users, integration with corporate accounting systems;
  • Automation of contract work, orders, reminders, office;
  •  Formation of documents in the system based on printed forms.


Megabank is one of the top 20 the most trusted banks in Ukraine. Now it serves more than half a million customers.

Result of office automation project:

  • Digitization of the bank’s administrative processes;
  • Transition to electronic document workflow (organizational and administrative documentation and office);
  • Automation of specific banking business processes.

MTI Group

MTI Group is a diversified business that combines three basic areas:
● retail (shoes, clothing, jewelry, electronics);
● information and communication technologies;
● 3-PL operator (cargo storage, handling and delivery services).

The result of the business process automation system and electronic document flow Almexoft implementation:

  • Document workflow management for a group of 12 companies in the unified environment;
  • More than 100 customized business processes in Almexoft;
  • Migration of more than 1 million documents;
  • All the processes in one system: contracts, office, service desk, staffing documents, business trips, applications.

Concord Bank

Concord Bank is a member of professional associations and unions in Ukraine and in the world. Concord is the first Ukrainian bank among small and medium-sized banks to get principled membership of Mastercard and Visa International.

The result of the Almexoft EDS project implementation:

  • Electronic document workflow: internal documents, contracts, orders, protocols, service notes, office and applications of the regulator;
  • Automation of committees;
  • Digitization of personnel workflow.

PJSC SIC “Borshchahivskiy CPP”

Borshchahivskiy CPP is an innovative pharmaceutical enterprise of European level that successfully combines the scientific potential and high-tech modern production in a single effective complex.

The result of AlmexECM business process automation:

  • Automatic creation of documents according to the pre-designed templates;
  • Organization of collaborative work on project documentation;
  • Up to 80% acceleration of the procedure for reconciling corrections and final text in documentation.
Sergey Sinchenko, Chief Operating Officer
The first position in the market requires close attention to the business and continuous improvement. This can only be realized by developing a process approach to management. It is within the framework of this task that we have identified one of the goals - the implementation of the BPM system
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Imperial Tobacco

An international company, the fourth largest business in the world, which focuses on the production and sale of tobacco and non-tobacco products. Imperial Tobacco is a part of the international company Imperial Brands.

«PIK YUTARIA LTD» group of companies LLP

PIK YUTARIA LTD is a leading company in the Republic of Kazakhstan for the production of clothing and other products for household and technical purposes. The company was founded in 2002, and provides comprehensive solutions to meet the needs of customers.

The result of the implementation of a business process automation and electronic document management system based on the Almexoft platform:

  • Electronic document management for a group of 4 companies in a unified environment;
  • Automation of correspondence processing;
  • Unified information system for a group of companies;
  • Transition to electronic document management: organizational and administrative documentation and office.

BS Garant

Business Solutions GARANT ltd is a private company that provides services for the provision of qualified outsourcing and consulting services to create favorable conditions for business. BSG was founded by a group of Kazakhstani law specialists, accounting audit, HR administration,
HR, management accounting, management with more than 10 years of experience.

The result of the the Almexoft-based business processes automatisation and electronic document management system integration:

  • Document flow with various types of contracts;
  • Automation of work with reference books;
  • Implementation of 500+ templates;
  • Transition to electronic document system and minimization of paper documents

ESKA Capital

ESKA CAPITAL is a Ukrainian leasing company founded in 2008. Clients are private enterprises of micro, small and medium-sized businesses. The company is the leader of the Ukrainian market in this segment.

The result of the Almexsoft-based automation project:

  • Implementation period: 2 months;
  • Automation of the main business processes with complex routes of approval and precise
  • control over the implementation of tasks;
  • Multifunctional work with reference books.


AKKORDBANK is a Ukrainian commercial bank. It is counted among the TOP-20 banks of the regional network. The network has 82 branches, as well as 150 outlets of loans throughout Ukraine and continues to expand its network. At the beginning of 2021, Akkordbank ranked in the TOP-30 financial institutions of the country in terms of the amount of funds of individuals and legal entities, according to the National Bank of Ukraine.

The result of a project to automate document flow and banking processes:

  • Automation of more than 20 banking business processes;
  • Digitalization of corporate document flow;
  • Implementation of electronic document management when working with counterparties;
  • Almexoft mobile applications for all bank employees.

Global Asia Management

Global Asia Management is a mining holding that has been operating in the Kyrgyz Republic since 2009, part of the global mining group Global Asia Mining. Global Asia Management includes a group of mining and exploration companies.

The result of the implementation of a business process automation and electronic document management system based on Almexoft:

  • Implementation of a process-procedural management approach;
  • Automation of all office work: internal documents, incoming, outgoing, contracts, orders, memos, protocols;
  • Joint work of offices in two countries Kazakhstan — Kyrgyz Republic.

Detail Wagon Group Corporation

Detail Wagon Group is a provider of railway wagon repair services, spare parts and components sales.

Results of the Almexoft platform implementation by Almexoft team:

  • Two times acceleration of the document approval procedure;
  • AlmexMobile mobile application became the corporate standard of employees interaction;
  • Unified information system for a group of companies.

FEC Kazakhstan

FEC Kazakhstan Group has 54 fuel bases using modern technological equipment and operating methods. Tax and financial audits are carried out annually by the Big Four international companies, which testify to the transparency of the company.

The result of the Almexoft-based EDS implementation:

  • Document and archive management, including additional reconciliation processes and confidential workflow;
  • Organization of work with remote warehouses all over Kazakhstan;
  • Switch to electronic document workflow using electronic digital signature.

Caspiy Neft

The company develops the multi-layer oil and gas field Ayrankol and engaged in sale of crude oil, oil-containing sands and shales, gas condensate, asphalt base, bituminous shale.

he result of the implementation of Almexoft EDS:

  • Automation of internal document workflow;
  • Personalized reports in terms of business process analytics and staff tasks;
  • Достижение высокого уровня контроля исполнительской High level of control over executive discipline.

АО «Банк РБК»

АО «Bank RBK» – универсальный казахстанский банковский институт, имеющий сбалансированные показатели развития.

Результат внедрения Almexoft:

  • Полноценное внедрение платформы Almexoft штатными сотрудниками банка;
  • Электронный документооборот и другие вспомогательные процессы;
  • Более 170 настроенных бизнес-процессов в системе Almexoft.

AB Energo

AB Energo LLC is an energy-supplying organization, founded in Kazakhstan in 2004. The main activity of the company is to supply electricity to wholesale and retail customers into the different regions of the country. Having been engaged in the supply of electricity for over 10 years, the company has deep expertise, vision and trust with all market participants.

The result of business processes automation and electronic workflow system implementation:

  • Implementation of process and procedural unit of management;
  • Electronic workflow system for a group of companies in the unified environment;
  •  Up to 50 processes in Almexoft.

Kazakhmys Insurance Company

Kazakhmys Insurance Company creates and promotes high quality services in the insurance market of Kazakhstan. The clients of the company are large financial and industrial enterprises of Kazakhstan.

The result of office automation project:

  • Implementation in less than 2 months;
  • Use of EDS and legally significant workflow;
  • Electronic office, personnel and internal workflow, processing of contracts and applications.

Express Air

Express Air LLC is a tourist operator with more than 10 years of experience. The company provides complex corporate travel services and business travel support.

Clients of Express Air LLC: major players in the oil and gas, metallurgy, manufacturing, as well as small and medium-sized businesses cooperate with the company.

The result of the business automation processes and electronic document workflow project:

  • Complete transition of corporate document workflow into electronic form;
  • Organization of electronic document workflow with counterparties;
  • Automation of internal specific processes through the BPM module of the system.


Karaganda Foundry Machine Factory LLC “Maker (Maker)” is a multidisciplinary high- tech enterprise of the mining industry of Kazakhstan. The main specialization of the factory is the manufacture and repair of mining equipment. The company has everything to produce the highest level of complexity production.

The result of the Almexoft EDS implementation:

  • Implementation of the process and procedural approach to management;
  • Electronic document workflow;
  • Real-time reporting;
  • Full control through the system of issuance and control of group and personal orders.


A universal commercial bank serving all segments of the population, small and medium-sized businesses, as well as large corporations.

Automation result with Almexoft:

  • Automation of all office work: internal documents, incoming, outgoing, contracts, orders, memos, minutes;
  • Tight integration with other bank systems;
  • More than 120 automated business processes.

AO Karazhyra

JSC Karazhyra is a Kazakh coal mining enterprise. The field is located 135 km south-west of the city of Semey in the Zhana-Semey district of the East Kazakhstan region. The industrial coal reserves of the Karazhyra deposit amount to 1 billion 231 million tons. Today the company is one of the largest coal enterprises in Kazakhstan

The result of automation with Almexoft:

  • Automation of process groups: HR, finance, legal support, application system, organizational and administrative documentation, internal documents, office;
  • Creation of a single ecosystem based on the Almexoft platform;
  • Registers are configured for groups of documents: for lawyers — a register of contracts, for the office — a register of all documents.

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