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Streamlined Purchasing Process: Automated Inventory Check and Expense Approval

An employee initiates a request for purchasing goods for operational activities, specifying the product codes and quantities. The platform sends a query to an external inventory management system, retrieves information on product availability, and generates a report. The report is then incorporated into a document for further expense approval. Finally, the document is signed.

Power up your lending decisions with Credit Fabric!

Experience the future of credit issuance with our cutting-edge solution. Credit Fabric empowers you to make informed lending decisions while automating the entire credit issuance process. Seamlessly integrated with external systems and archives, our solution ensures a streamline dapproach to credit issuance.

The platform leverages advanced algorithms and data integration to provide accurate assessments and optimize the credit approval process.

Client Compliance: Automating Early Detection of Risks

Stay ahead of potential risks and ensure compliance with our automated Client Compliance solution. The Almexoft platform detects potential or actual dangers related to regulatory sanctions, financial losses, reputation damage, counterparty risks, adherence to acts, procedures, and the security component of financial institutions.

Real-time monitoring and analysis can safeguard your organization from legal and reputational pitfalls, ensuring a secure and compliant environment.

Bank committees

Automation of decision-making processes regarding specific areas of a bank’s operations to promote the development of the financial institution and ensure competitiveness in the market.

Gain a holistic view of your financial operations with our Bank Committees, identifying untapped opportunities for optimization. We study your existing processes and offer innovative approaches for seamless automation, ensuring reliability, speed, and precision in crucial decision-making.

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