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A user-friendly graphic designer for modeling business processes

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How does a process designer look like?

  • Almexoft as a Low-Code platform

    Almexoft is a low-code platform that empowers users to customize various business processes without the need for programming or system recompilation

  • Visual business process editor

    The system implemented a visual editor of business processes and data forms, represented as processing stages for a process instance and connections between them. Constructor’s notation is close to the generally accepted BPMN 2.0, but for convenience of construction, some attributes of the business process are enlarged, put into properties.

  • Object inspector for quick customization

    A convenient editor of process properties (object inspector) allows you customizing quickly the selected object (stage, transition). The wide customization options for each object allow managing the timing of the stage, transition conditions, availability of actions for the user, notifications, rules for working with attachments, visibility of fields, attachments, tabs


Benefits of process designer

The platform offers a wide range of standard elements for building business processes.

The editor has built-in validation mechanisms, which allows you identifying accurately the location of the problem when building a business process and quickly eliminate these without involving vendor’s specialists.

  • Add

    elements created by third-party developers

  • Reuse

    the frequently used constructs into separate sub processes

  • Build connections

    between processes with the ability to inherit the fields of the process card


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