Banks and financial systems

Almexoft provides a ready-made set of business processes and functional units of the platform
for easy automation of different financial companies


Automation of financial structure business processes starts from the selection of software tools that allow you to create, edit, execute and manage processes, documents, files and content in a unified system.

One of the most important parts of such a system is the BPM unit. It allows you to switch to a process approach and process workflow. Implementation of an electronic document management system into the infrastructure of a financial company means effective operating, high speed of decision-making and management of access to confidential information.



Automation of bank document workflow is quick and easy thanks to a qualified team of engineers and consultants. Our team has significant experience in implementing IT projects in banking and financial enterprises. Almexoft's base of reference business processes accelerates the implementation process.



Modular architecture and a wide range of tools for automating business processes of AlmexBPM allows you to effectively solve industry-specific tasks of a particular business and implement an EDMS for a financial company.



The system allows you to flexibly customize the document flow of a financial company. In particular, it is possible to add new types of documents, attachment templates, change the parameters of the document card, optimize the document approval process, etc.


approval of a loan application

issuance of a bank guarantee

holding tariff and credit committees

Wide customization options allow the EDMS system for banks to comply with workflow regulations in accordance with local legislation and regulators. Also, the system for automating business processes in a financial company allows you to manage the life cycle of a document, coordination in accordance with internal regulations, signing an EDS to give legal significance, setting tasks and instructions.

Automation of business processes

There is a completely ready-made out-of-the-box Almexoft solution for process and document management for financial companies. This and the presence of a team of professionals with extensive experience in the implementation of banking systems, allows Almexoft to automate a financial company as soon as possible.

Platform flexibility

Building an EDMS for a financial company based on the platform ensures the management of archives of paper documents and sets up the processes associated with the accounting, maintenance and transfer of legally significant electronic documentation.

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