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Flexible notification settings

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Web push
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Mobile push

Email, push notifications, sms notification

The Almexoft platform offers a module for informing users about events occurring in the system and changes in the state of business processes (documents). The list of notifications sent to the user is configured by the administrator or by the user of the system separately for different communication channels.

In turn, unified channels are divided into trusted and non-trusted, and notifications are sent in order of priority. When sending to a non-trusted channel with no confirmation from the client application about receipt, the system duplicates the notification to the next channel according to priority (before receiving confirmation or sending to a trusted channel). By default, the system implements the following channels for sending/delivering notifications:

  • sending by e-mail (using integration with the mail server via SMTP protocol);
  • sending SMS messages (if there is integration with the GSM gateway via the SMPP protocol);
  • sending PUSH notifications (iOS, Android, WEB-Push).

If necessary, the implementation of other channels of interaction with users can be connected.

Read the description of the module for organizing electronic document management - AlmexECM

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