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communication Tools
communication Tools


To ensure collegial documents processing (copies of business processes), the platform offers a real-time chat. Chat groups are formed automatically with a group chat invitation to  all parties processing a specific document/process. At the same time, system users are given the opportunity to form arbitrary groups and exchange messages directly both within any process and without being bound to it.

communication Tools


Platform offers News Section to ensure prompt communication to the company’s employees. ,. Thus, the employees can learn about changes in the rules of processing documents and business processes within the company.

News is created on the home page. The news has fields:

  • Title;
  • Description (text formatting available);
  • Preview URL (insert the url of the image that will be displayed in the news);
  • Image URL (insert the url of the image that will be displayed in the open news);
  • List of accounts.

Following news release, an email notification is sent to all users of the selected account upon setup. News items can be edited and deleted after they are created.


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