Oil and gas industry

Reference business processes and features of the industry configuration within the framework of the Almexoft platform for the oil and gas and energy production industry companies


Key features of business process automation at oil and gas companies

The Almexoft platform helps solve specific tasks in the oil and gas industry as concerns business process automation. It enables working with any kind of documents and approving and making follow-up changes to them. The system makes it easy to speed up the execution of tasks and, hence, improve the servicing of customers.

By implementing the platform, you will be able to increase the speed of accepting and amending applications; organize the handling of electronic contracts, accounts, job completion certificates, and set up personnel records management.


Due to the availability of reference business processes, training materials and the expertise of consultants, implementation goes fast and efficiently.


The business automation system in an oil and gas company boosts management efficiency. It enables setting deadlines and tracking the steps of executing a task, a document, or manager’s instructions.


Almexoft can be used to set up the business processes for enterprise recordkeeping. Besides, the platform enables solving tasks related directly to the oil and gas industry.

Drive efficiency with Marketplace capabilities


Document workflow automation for oil and gas companies: a tool for categorizing documents.

The system can attribute different categories to documents for better systematization and convenient search. Categorization parameters can be the document status, the contents of its fields and other customized characteristics.

The EDMS for an oil and gas company enables solving industry-specific tasks and manage project flow by implementing a process approach. The system for automation of business processes and document flow for oil and gas companies enables them to look at up-to-date information about the document.

Due to the functional capabilities, users can examine the card of the relevant document. The card indicates the status, the current step and the parties involved, as well as execution progress. Besides, users can review the sequence of executing steps, and learn about approval results, registration, and many other things.


Business automation in oil and gas companies is focused on solving the following corporate business tasks:

Planning material and labor input for production
Contractual work
Orders and regulatory documents
Incoming documents and appeals from citizens
•In-house document management
Applications system
Personnel records management
Automation of business trips
Controlling the performance of branches

Benefits of reference business processes for oil and gas companies

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