AlmexSign is a counterparty unit that provides seamless integration of internal legally relevant workflow and workflow with counterparties within an Almexoft platform

Organization of the process of exchange of legally relevant documents and guarantee of their delivery to the addressee
Optimization of business processes due to a unified system for external and internal document flow
Savings in printing and courier costs


Sharing electronic documents is not only fast but also extremely easy. AlmexSign helps you to receive and send legally relevant documents, view, comment, agree or reject contracts, as well as sign documents from both parties using an electronic digital signature (EDS). AlmexSign works in a unified environment with the platform for automating corporate business processes and internal workflow Almexoft

Provide a convenient personal account for your clients and counterparties for the exchange of Legally Relevant Documents

Provide the ability to create seamless business processes for working with documents

Effectively manage external legally significant electronic document flow of your company

Check out the AlmeхSign presentation on Youtube

The webinar is dedicated to the seamless integration of internal legally significant document flow and document flow with contractors within the single Almexoft platform.

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