We provide business process automation for a transportation company. For this, we use modern technologies to improve service and streamline the work of the company as a whole.


Features of logistical document flow automation

For the development of logistics companies, it is extremely important to search for new modern solutions to improve the efficiency of the provision of services. The implementation of a system capable of automating internal business processes and ensuring the transition to electronic document flow and electronic invoices will significantly help such business.

The Almexoft business automation system helps to set up and standardize the necessarybusiness processes, control tasks execution, effectively manage corporate documents and electronic TTN.


The system has formed the entire cycle of office work, including personnel, the conclusion of supply contracts, and invoices.


A clear construction of business processes helps to distribute responsibility among employees. Execution cards, orders, as well as additional approval are created for each user.


The mechanism for protecting information at the level of user rights and roles allows you to restrict access to a specific document or functionality for both a specific user and a group of people.

Advantages of automation of specific industry processes based on our platform

Business automation system in a transport company: key features of the platform

Almexoft helps to effectively track all stages of office work and control the movement and change of electronic consignment invoices, waybills and contracts at every stage.

Logistical document flow automation allows you to fine-tune access to documents designated as confidential and record any user actions. The high level of protection of documents protects them from unauthorized copying or editing.

EDMS for a transport company allows you to create, edit and manage reports. Reports are generated directly in the system and the user can process them.

Almexoft platform as a key business automation system for a transport company provides a wide range of opportunities for working with electronic document cards, attachment templates and, directly, the course of document execution. Automation of business processes of a transport company will help to minimize a number of cost items: office supplies, printing, transportation, storage and disposal of paper documents.

Automation of document flow for logistics

The advantages of using electronic consignment notes

The consignment note confirms the fact of transportation and delivery of goods, accounting for work performed and payment for the goods.

It is also one of the most important documents for all participants in the transport process. The introduction of an EDMS for a transport company helps to ensure an instant exchange of electronic consignment notes with all participants in the logistics process. It solves the problem of loss of consignment notes, delays in payment, loss of goods and ensures the availability of a cloud-based archive of documentation.

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