“FEC-KAZAKHSTAN” LLP company review

Company logo review

Natali Budnikova

Quality Supervisor


The management of “FEC-KAZAKHSTAN” LLP decided to introduce an electronic document management system. To implement this project, the need arose to attract qualified specialists in the automation of business processes and office work of the enterprise. For this, work was started with “Devtech” LLP, the implementation product of which is EDMS During the implementation, the following functions are implemented:

  • management of document cards and files;
  • collaboration with documents (collaborative online editing, online viewing of files with the extension .doc, .docx, .xls, xlsx, .pptx, etc.);
  • automation of the entire process of document processing (creation, approval, approval, signing, execution, archiving);
  • automation of the agreement approval process;
  • application and service management;
  • procurement management process;
  • control of performance discipline;
  • system of work and reporting;
  • processing in the incident system.

The result of the project for the company was:

  • reduction of document flow in the company;
  • optimization of business processes for registration, coordination, and control of the company’s workflow;
  • reduction of time for consideration and decision-making on documents and applications;
  • period of the process of approval of paper documents in electronic format;
  • ensuring the storage of electronic versions of documents.

Cooperation with “Devtech” LLP showed that the company has extensive experience in the field of document management and can be recommended for projects related to the automation of business processes of internal office work.

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