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Alex Zaremba



In 2019, MTI Group planned to implement a business process automation system and transfer the existing electronic document management to the Almexoft platform.

MTI Group is a diversified business that combines three basic areas: retail (footwear, clothing, jewelry, electronics); information and communication technologies; 3-PL operator (services for storage, handling, and delivery of goods).

Almexoft with a low-code platform and AlmexECM and AlmexBPM functional modules were chosen as a partner. The platform was designed to digitize the company’s business processes, implement an electronic document management system, reduce the time of reconciliation of documents and get an additional tool for strategic management of the company.

The process of selecting and implementing the system took place in two stages. The first stage is the implementation of the system for the management company, the second stage is the scaling of the system to the business level of MTI Group.

The following tasks were performed within the framework of the Almexoft platform implementation project:

● Deployed system and set up document management in a single MTI Group environment (management company + business)

● As part of the implementation, more than 100 business processes in the system were automated and configured;

● Migration of more than 150 thousand documents from the company’s internal system;

● Contracts, office, personnel documents, business trips, internal documentation, applications – all processes within a single platform;

● Implementation of the integration module Timely for combining internal and external document management within a single interface of the platform.

Thanks to the implementation of the integration module with Time managed:

● Combine internal and external document management in a single interface of the Almexoft platform;

● Save time on the formation, transmission, and control of the return of documents;

● Provide the ability to work remotely with documents;

● Ensure processing, approval, and signing of QES documents directly on the Almexoft platform;

● Reduce the time of receipt/transfer of legally significant documents to the counterparty

After application, it was possible to fully evaluate the broad functionality of the platform, increase the efficiency of business processes and evaluate the positive results of automation.

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