Moneyveo company review

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Sinchenko Sergey

Chief Operating Officer


In 2019, Moneyveo planned to switch to a business process automation and electronic document management system. The desire to take the first position in the market, the desire to use advanced IT technologies, the need to optimize the work on the execution and control of tasks became the decisive factors for the implementation of the BPM system.

The requirements for the system were:

  • The readiness of the system to set up complex routes for coordination with a large number of branches of process movements, depending on the input conditions;
  • Flexibility of setting up routes without the involvement of development specialists, by business owners;
  • A system that focused on work within the framework of business processes and workflow;
  • Friendly interface for administrators and users;
  • Readiness of the system for integration with other programs;
  • Mobile app available for Android and iOS.

Almexoft was chosen as a partner with the Almexoft low-code platform software product, as the software met these requirements and selection criteria.

By implementing the Almexoft business process optimization and electronic document management system, it was possible to automate business processes and set up an electronic document management system, and also managed to:

  • Integrate AlmexECM with the company’s Active Directory;
  • Train employees in the use of the business process editor and system administration;
  • Launch and set up a number of business processes (among them: processing incoming correspondence from customers, coordinating payments and regulatory documentation, signing orders, and others);
  • Customize the process of generating reports for the selected business processes;
  • Set up the EDS module.

At the moment, the active process of scaling and connecting other users to the system continues. An effective format of interaction has also been built in matters of automating new business processes and technical support.

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