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Maneesh Maheshwari

Head of strategy and digitalization


In 2021, JSC “ArcelorMittal Termirtau” sought a vendor to implement a document management system with the objective of enhancing business processes and digital approval. The aim was to incorporate electronic approval through electronic digital signatures in accordance with local laws and improve compliance within AMT. This included automating the approval of materials, goods, and services procurement. The desired solution aimed to improve transparency, predictability, and integration capabilities with the existing ERP SAP and other company systems. 

After evaluating various vendor solutions, the Almexoft platform was selected based on several criteria, including compliance with Kazakh regulations, ease of workflow creation, integration capabilities, traceability and auditability, and ease of defining business rules.

The project was divided into three implementation phases. The first two phases, each lasting two months, were completed successfully. The first phase focused on procurement, HR, administration, compliance, project management processes, and integration with SAP ERP. The second phase covered IT service, maintenance and repair processes, marketing (customer requests and complaints), corporate responsibility, and organizational development processes. Currently, the third phase is underway, which involves automating security processes and interactions with external contractors.

By implementing the Almexoft platform, the business processes of JSC “ArcelorMittal Termirtau” improved, resulting in resource-saving in terms of time and manpower.  The objective of a paperless office and digitalization was advanced through the integration of the e-signature and the issuance of the legal e-documents. The system now serves nearly 5000 users, and there are plans to implement it in other subsidiaries of the company.

Throughout the collaboration, the Almexoft team exhibited effective communication skills with various levels of company management, demonstrated technical expertise, and showed adaptability to meet unique requirements. They diligently analyzed the needs of JSC “ArcelorMittal Termirtau” and provided innovative solutions that enhanced process efficiency

The Almexoft team has consistently been responsive, ready to assist, and promptly addressed inquiries. They possess a deep understanding of the company’s needs and offer tailored solutions aligned with its
business objectives.

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