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In September 2022, the management made a decision to implement a platform for automating business processes and electronic document management, after which an active search, analysis, and selection of systems began both on the domestic market and abroad. According to the results of Almexoft electronic document management, consists of two main software modules: AlmexECM and AlmexBPM.
The system made it possible to implement the following tasks:

  • Reduce the time of processing documents and generating reports
  • The complete transition of internal document flow to electronic format
  • Optimize internal business processes
  • A system focused on work within the framework of business processes and document management
  • The readiness of the system to configure complex routes, and coordination with a large number of branches of process/document movements depending on the initial conditions
  • The flexibility of setting up routes by business owners without the involvement of narrow development specialists
  • Readiness of the system for integrations
  • Availability of a mobile application on iOS and Android

Already in 2023, in less than 4 months, the platform was put into operation. After starting automation, we got quick results and saw opportunities for automation.

As a result of the Almexoft platform implementation project, it was possible to achieve the following key results:

  • A single information space has been created
  • Adjusted electronic document flow: internal documents, contracts, orders, memos, memos of HR issues, and internal regulatory documents.
  • 20 business processes have been adjusted
  • Customized reporting forms.
  • Our employees were trained in the use of the business process editor, system administration
  • A number of business processes have been launched in the system (among them: processing of incoming correspondence, signing of orders, approval of regulatory documents and others)
  • Improved reporting for selected business processes
  • The EDS module has been configured for our use and the EDS of the signatories with which we sign documents have been entered into the system

At this stage, we scale the system to other business processes and connect the rest of the users to the system for new business processes. It is important to note that the high level of professionalism of the Almexoft implementation team, the properly constructed implementation process and the full compliance of the platform functionality. By connecting the Almexoft platform, we made the processes more transparent and controllable.

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