Accordbank company review

Company logo review

Oleksiy Rudnev

Acting Chairman of the Board


Private Joint-Stock Company “CB “ACORDBANK” is a Ukrainian commercial bank with 82 branches and 150 credit sales points across Ukraine, and it continues to expand its network. As of the beginning of 2021, Private Joint-Stock Company “CB “ACORDBANK” (hereinafter – the Bank) is among the top 30 financial institutions in the country in terms of funds held by individuals and legal entities, according to the data of the National Bank of Ukraine.

In January 2020, the bank’s management made the decision to implement a platform for automating business processes and electronic document management, after which an active search, analysis, and selection of systems were initiated, both domestically and abroad. Based on the results of the evaluation, the Almexoft platform for automating business processes and electronic document management was chosen, consisting of two main software modules: AlmexECM and AlmexBPM.

The system made it possible to achieve the following tasks:

  • Reduce document processing time and report generation;
  • Complete the transition of internal document management to electronic format;
  • Optimize internal business processes.

Already in 2021, in less than 6 months, the platform was put into operation in the Bank. After the automation was launched, we obtained quick results and identified opportunities for automation. As a result of the Almexoft platform implementation project, the following key results were achieved:

  • Created a unified information space;
  • Set up electronic document management: internal documents, contracts, orders, protocols, official notes, official notes on personnel matters, internal normative documents, and instructions;
  • Configured 20 business processes and 15 directories;
  • Configured reporting forms.

It is important to note that the high level of professionalism of the Almexoft implementation team, the well-structured implementation process, and the full alignment of the platform’s functionality with the bank’s needs helped in achieving the platform’s integration in such a short timeframe. By connecting the Almexoft platform, we made banking processes more transparent and controllable.

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