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13 September 2021

Successful launch of EDMS for FEC-Kazakhstan nationwide

On January 1, 2018, the TEK Kazakhstan company successfully transferred the business operations of all the company’s branches to the Almexoft platform. As part of the implementation of the system, business processes were developed for all aspects of the fuel company’s activities.

The key functionality of Almexoft, which allowed the company to completely switch to the paperless workflow:

  • A mobile application with offline access allows the company’s top management to work with documents outside the office.
  • Reduction of office work time (registration of contracts, agreement, sending). Since the main operational offices of the company are located in two different cities (Nur-Sultan and Karaganda), the full cycle of working with the document took about 10 working days.
  • The transition to EDS will speed up all business processes in the company, regardless of the location of the person in charge. persons (This functionality is especially relevant for companies with many regional offices throughout Kazakhstan).
  • Construction of reporting on any types of documents for the control bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan in real time.

Since   TEK Kazakhstan includes more than 200 fuel depots throughout the country, a decision was made to place the system on a cloud platform. The staff of fuel warehouses work in a single system, which allows you to form and track the life path of documents “from the warehouse to the central office.” This solution made it possible to increase the productivity of the work of remote regional units several times. The use of document templates made it possible to reduce the time it takes to create certain types of documents in the company, as well as to introduce clear standards of paperwork.

As part of the project, it was decided to use the cloud version of the office suite, which is built into the core of the Almexoft platform. Thanks to this solution, the company’s employees are not tied to a specific workplace or software. And the function of individual and group delegates made it possible to promptly monitor the implementation of assigned tasks, thereby making the work of the company’s managers as efficient as possible.

The Almexoft platform also helped to consolidate all current and archive documents of the Partnership in a single encrypted repository.

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