CASE “Detal Wagon Group” Corporation

How to implement a business process management system in a month and automate all document flow.

The Corporation“ Detail Wagon Group" is a dynamically developing company that is a supplier of services for the repair of specialized railway cars, the sale of spare parts and components. As a participant in foreign economic activity, the Corporation has won its regular customers and partners - large industrial enterprises in Ukraine and the CIS countries.

“2018 has become the year of the Corporation’s global transformation. Due to the significant deterioration of the rolling stock of railway enterprises in Ukraine, the company is constantly increasing the volume of work and services provided. The main activities of the Corporation are the repair of wagons and wheelsets. ”

General Director – Denis Sergeevich Korolev

The Detail Wagon Group Corporation includes a number of enterprises throughout Ukraine: “Inter Wagon Trans”, “Ukrvagonmash”, “Remtransdor,” and “First Wheel Repair Enterprise”.

The Corporation’s enterprises are located throughout central and southern Ukraine, therefore, organizing fast and efficient processes is a key management task that directly affects the quality of services provided. Because the company is focused primarily on building long-term and effective relationships with its customers, speed, efficiency and economic impact are the main principles of the organization.

Given the presence of a large customer base, high-quality standards, the main challenges for management are ensuring the maximum speed of order fulfillment, obtaining operational data from the field, and effective control of the activities of all enterprises of the group.

“The Detail Wagon Group” Corporation is the first and so far the only company in Ukraine that provides industrial outsourcing services in terms of rolling stock maintenance, which today effectively optimizes and automates internal processes to ensure maximum speed and quality of services. In addition, the company plans to cover all personnel as much as possible, building, in fact, seamless processes from the office to the repair depot. All these decisions bring the company closer to its key goal – to strengthen its position in the market of providing services for the repair of wagons and wheelsets, both for the industry monopolists and for medium-sized enterprises with their own rolling stock.

From confident growth to process optimization and a procedural approach to business management:

Previously, the Corporation focused on optimizing the company’s internal processes, providing the maximum with advanced technical tools to monitor the work of employees in the field and to ensure safe and comfortable working conditions. Taking into account the company’s growth rate and the increasing number of internal processes in terms of processing documents, orders, contracts, invoices, and applications, the company’s management decided to implement a system for automating business processes and electronic document management.

Seamless processes and instant communication have become a priority area of ​​the company's digital transformation

After studying a number of systems: their functionality, speed of customization and implementation, the possibility of self-customization of business processes and forms of documents and reports, as well as analysis in terms of the cost of owning a software product, it was decided to implement the AlmexECM business process automation and electronic document management system.

What was implemented and how:

The instrument for the implementation of the new strategy was the introduction of the AlmexECM system, which currently employs employees of the sales department, the planning, and the economic department, the accounting department, as well as managers of all levels.

1Month to implement the project
2Implementation Specialist
3Automated process in the system
4Percent - faster document processing

The system made it possible to solve the following business tasks:

  • Payment and invoice management

    Controlling contracts, checking the grounds for payment of invoices, quickly reconciling invoices for payment are the main tasks required to manage a business, control cash flows, and ensure continuous production and service.

  • Travel Management

    Since the factories are located throughout Ukraine, employees often travel to remote areas of the factories. The coordination of business trips is quick and convenient, also thanks to the presence of a mobile application.

  • Internal process management

    The ineffectiveness of old processes in large manufacturing companies is usually attributed to complex decision chains, the difficulty of tracking the progress of the process between departments, and low employee engagement. Thanks to the automation of internal processes using the advanced BPM editor AlmexBPM, any approvals in the Corporation take place within the allotted time frame, only the employees responsible for a specific process participate in them, and the execution of orders is carried out directly by field employees with time control by senior management and the possibility of automatic escalation. In case of problems.

High level of system penetration

Thanks to the intuitive interface of the web version of the system, as well as the presence of native mobile applications, company management for top managers and the execution of tasks within the system for ordinary employees is more convenient and fast. This effect is achieved by using informative graphs and diagrams on the system dashboard, as well as push notifications, chat, and an easy interface.

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