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Flexible configuration of fields, forms and metadata of business processes

Flexible configuration of fields (metadata)

To ensure flexible and convenient customization of the system interface the Almexoft platform offers a built-in form editor of an electronic process card or document. A standard list of field types can include text fields, lists, users, lookups, dates, numbers, tables, buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons, links, attachments, departments, and more. The design of a business process card or an electronic document is possible with grouping, separation and arrangement on the form at the business process type level. Fields can have visibility and editing accessibility properties, description, validation, mask, external reference configured. Field values can be available for global search in the system. Operating with the field keys, it is possible to substitute them into another instance of a business process or into an attachment template to form a printed form of a document.

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Forms management

User access to the form or electronic card of the process/document can be flexibly configured. Individual fields, groups of fields or tabs of the electronic process card may be available at certain stages of the business process or when making a decision during the transition to the next stage of the business process. In addition, the dependency logic between fields can be customized.

The visibility of certain forms on various tabs of the document electronic card is flexibly regulated. At the same time, there are standard process fields that are always present in the basic information (number, process name, summary, creation date, process group, process type, document author).

managing Forms
managing Forms

Read the description of the module for organizing electronic document management - AlmexECM


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