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Ready-made business processes and effective tools for optimizing law and consulting business processes.


Almexoft platform allows employees of legal and consulting companies to reduce the time searching and processing information and legal data. We offer a set of ready-made tools for automating business processes, including the implementation of EDMS for legal and consulting companies.

The Amount of information processed by employees is constantly growing, and the amount of work with standard documents is significantly increasing, so legal companies need a reliable technology partner.

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Due to the presence of a base of reference processes, as well as the experience and knowledge of engineers, consultants, the system is easily implemented, and the automation of document flow is fast.

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The system has a three-tier architecture, the latest technologies, and an open API for easy integration.

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Our team will help you solve any problems related to the administration of the program, the introduction of new business processes, the development of reports or the setting up of integrations.

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Business Automation System in Law Firms: Key Platform Features

Automation of consulting and law companies document flow allows you to monitor the execution of an electronic document. Users can find out all the relevant information about the document directly from its card. It displays the results of agreement, registration, approval and execution of the document.

The implementation of an EDMS for a law firm based on the Almexoft platform allows using the functionality for working with an electronic digital signature. This opens up opportunities for giving legal significance to electronic documents.

The business automation system provides an opportunity to digitize and automate specific business processes that are typical for legal organizations. Also it helps to coordinate, finalize and sign documents. In addition, managers can control the timing and quality of completed tasks. In real time, the system informs about the change in the status of documents, as well as about actions on documents and processes of other users. It is possible to fine-tune the workspace for each separate division of the enterprise.

By implementing the Almexoft platform, including automating the workflow for a consulting company (EDMS), you:

Reduce the number of errors associated with manual work of employees
Automate routine tasks and business processes of a law firm related to standard documents
Provide modern analytical tools for working with big data
Introduce a convenient channel for communication and data exchange

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