Almex-scanner is an additional module of the platform, which is deployed on the server of the Almexoft platform and is designed to automate the process of automatic processing of incoming mail.

Scheme of work

Mail is monitored thanks to the scheduler, monitoring intervals are configured in the server configuration, which was set in the property file of the module.

Almex-scanner operation scheme:

A letter arrives at the user's e-mail;
The module reads the first characters from the subject of the letter;
Almex-scanner sends a request to the server to check the availability of the document in the document management system;
The document is searched by the template, the id of which is written in the property file to this registration number.


Thus, the use of an additional module for automatic processing of incoming mail significantly speeds up and qualitatively improves the process of monitoring and control of incoming documents, as well as significantly speeds up the process of working with letters.

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