Our History


Our History

Almexoft’s history begins back in 2015, when a large Kazakh corporation decided to replace the current electronic document management system with a more innovative and functional one.

key requirements

Thin web client
Native mobile applications
Built-in office attachment editor
Full-fledged BPM module for moving to a process approach management
History photo

A group of entrepreneurs from Kazakhstan and Ukraine with extensive experience in consulting and IT development decided to participate in the project of selection and implementation of such electronic document management system.

Analyzing the market for existing ECM/BPM systems, the team didn’t find appropriate solutions in the European and CIS markets. So, the team began to develop its own solution and soon launched the first pilot at one of the Corporation’s industrial enterprises.

The first pilot project

In 2015 we got an international team of Ukrainian, Kazakhstan and Estonian experts in developing complex IT systems. There were software developers, analysts, QA specialists, designers, architects and project managers.

In 2016 the team created the first version of the system pilot and it was launched within one of the Corporation’s enterprises. The solution was finalized in close partnership with business and IT representatives. The team also worked closely with the Corporation’s employees directly on industrial sites. This cooperation has helped to create the most innovative solution at the edge of technology and business. The Almexoft team has tried to fulfill all the wishes of the users while taking into account the strategic goals of the top management.

Our first project
Photo implementation

First deployments in Kazakhstan

By the end of 2016, a product under the KAZ Documents brand was successfully introduced in a number of industrial enterprises in Kazakhstan. This product demonstrated the effectiveness of the ECM and BPM symbiosis. It led to implementations solutions and configuring a wide variety of workflow processes, application processing, service desk and others

In March 2017 the company received a state registration certificate to object of copyright and started the rebranding of the software product. So, the AlmexECM business process automation and electronic document management system appears on the Kazakhstan market.

Getting started on the Ukrainian market

At the end of 2017, the shareholders of the company decided to expand the AlmexECM sales influence to Eastern Europe. The Almexoft team got new business analysts, sales and marketing specialists. Additional modules have been developed to integrate with local e-key certification centers, and multilingual support has been added. In 2017, the first project of automation of business processes and electronic document flow in one of the system banks of Ukraine was launched.

Ukraine Start

Main directions

The Almexoft team received positive feedback on automation of processes in the banking sphere. Relying on the requests and wishes of key clients, AlmexECM defined the main directions of the functional development:

Enhanced BPM capabilities

Work with document card fields

Implementation of new business language

Development of business rules language system modules

Almexoft now

Almexoft is currently one of the leaders of the ECM/BPM systems market for large businesses and corporations in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. This status is confirmed, in particular, by a list of clients of the company, among which are such industrial giants as Corporation “Kazakhmys”, “TECHENERGOSERVICE”, “AB Energo”, Corporation “Detail Wagon Group”, “PEK Kazakhs”, “Caspian Oil”, ” Ardager “; financial structures such as RBC Bank, Megabank, Radabank, Moneyveo, Concord bank; telecom and retail holdings — Datagroup, MTI Group; in the field of pharmaceuticals – “Borschagovsky Chemical-Pharmacological Plant”.

Almexoft Clients

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