Insurance companies

Reference business processes for insurance companies, preconfigured record keeping standards that take into account regulatory norms: everything is included in Almexoft platform


We provide Almexoft implementation for automating business processes, including the
introduction of an EDMS for insurance companies. The Platform allows you to create, agree,
sign and control the execution of tasks and documents in an insurance company


The unified business automation system of the insurance company allows you to manage the entire document flow, from the conclusion of contracts with clients to an electronic application for payments, from a vacation application to an internal order


The open API allows you to quickly integrate the system with existing programs or external systems, as well as automate the verification of counterparties and customers in open registries.


Almexoft specialists have extensive experience in implementing business automation systems in insurance companies, thanks to which they are able to quickly launch the system into operation and launch reference processes.

The business automation system for an insurance company provides flexible settings for managing electronic documents, managing reports and meetings. Almexoft allows you to create documents and invoices directly from the system web interface or mobile applications. Throughout its life cycle, the document is supplemented with the necessary data in an electronic card, reports and files.
Almexoft-based EDMS for an insurance company allows you to create visual and textual reports that have been pre-generated in JasperReports®. It is important that at the same time, there is no direct access to the information available in the system. While compiling a report with Almexoft, the user works directly with encrypted fields and attachments.
The visual editor of business processes AlmexBPM allows you to set up complex processes, implement an EDMS for insurance companies and solve specific tasks in terms of working with documents, files, electronic cards for the effective automation of business processes of insurance companies.


Automation of business processes and implementation of electronic document management based on the Almexoft low-code platform are aimed at solving industry-specific problems:

  • Processes for submitting and processing applications from clients
  • Fixing insured events
  • Contractual work
  • Regulatory documentation
  • Exchange of documents with the regulator
  • Internal documents
  • Service notes
  • HR workflow at the enterprise

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