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Serzh Kolobov

Asset Manager


At your request about the experience of implementing Almexoft software in Sense Bank, we report the following:

The introduction of changes in the system technology Bank will require flexible tools. The choice of Almexoft as a low-code platform for automating business processes and electronic document management in office processes provided a high probability of introducing changes. And the powerful BPM tools of the platform in synergy with the use of Agile practices made it possible to implement most of the changes, primarily process settings, by the Process Owners with minimal involvement of IT specialists.

Multi-platform, high technological flexibility, adaptability, focus on a high level of corporate standards made it possible to most effectively integrate Almexoft into the Bank’s architecture.

As part of the implementation:

– integration with corporate systems for the implementation of Almexoft in the landscape of the Bank;
– setting up work with corporate tools for working with a Qualified Electronic Signature, including working with the Gryada-301 network cryptomodule directly on the Almexoft platform;
– Integration with CRM and other Bank Systems for building end-to-end electronic document management processes.

Considering the implementation experience gained, we do not plan to rest on our laurels and are already considering the next steps to scale the use of the system in other, primarily administrative processes of the Bank and create a unified ecosystem of the Bank’s electronic document management, etc.

In this regard, we look forward to further fruitful cooperation.

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