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Vitalii Pidvysotskyi



In the conditions of daily multitasking that our company has been facing, considering the growing number of business processes, the establishment of new additional workflows, and the involvement of employees, there arose a need to implement software that would allow for structuring and ensuring the complete cycle of necessary processes in one environment.

With the help of Almexoft, we managed to automate and structure a range of important processes, including:

  • Signing documents in electronic format;
  • Circulation of original documents between business locations and counterparties;
  • Establishing contractual relationships with company employees and subcontractors;
  • Preparation, formatting, and approval of documents related to the company’s main line of business;
  • Organizing an adaptive process of making changes to existing contractual relationships.

This implementation became possible thanks to the professional team on the developer’s side, who provided constant support and online assistance.

It’s also worth noting the advantages of such system tools as directories, filters, document templates, task delegation, task monitoring, and user-friendliness. The additional flexibility of the process is ensured by the mechanism of adjusting the internal code within the business process itself, in order to meet the user’s requirements.

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