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Global Asia Management is a mining holding company that includes a group of companies involved in mining and geological exploration. It is part of the global mining group Global Asia Mining. The company has been operating in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic since 2009.

In December 2020, Global Asia Management decided to implement the low-code platform Almexoft, which includes the AlmexBPM business process automation system and the AlmexECM document management automation system. The implementation project lasted for 2 months, and by January 2021, the platform was in industrial use by the company. Almexoft carried out the platform implementation, configuration of initial business processes, administrator training, and handed over the platform for industrial use. Technical support for the platform is currently being provided.

The implementation of the Almexoft platform allowed for:

  • Automating the entire document workflow process, including internal documents, incoming and outgoing documents, contracts, orders, memos, and protocols.
  • Implementing a process-oriented approach to company management.
  • Significantly reducing the time required to obtain information about the status of documents.
  • Creating a unified information space and bringing together the operations of offices in two countries: Kazakhstan and the Kyrgyz Republic.

Key features of the platform that influenced its selection include:

  • The presence of flexible and efficient tools for easy platform configuration and administration without the need for vendor specialists.
  • A convenient graphical designer for modeling business processes.
  • Flexible customization of electronic document forms.
  • The ability to create documents using template forms for attachments.
  • The availability of an open API. The use of Apache Thrift technology and standard Rest API for wide integration possibilities with third-party software.
  • The availability of native mobile applications for Android and iOS – AlmexMobile.
  • Multi-level directories and categorization mechanisms.

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