IT integrator for digital business transformation. For more than 25 years, we have improved business processes, implemented business management systems, electronic document workflow, and turned complex and routine tasks into well-managed and effective ones. The LITIKO team has implemented over 200 complex projects for large companies. As an integrator, we have tested over 50 systems and selected those that give the best result.

About the Company

LITIKO helps businesses achieve maximum output from technologies and create new opportunities, win in the competition and accomplish complex tasks on the path of company formation.


LITIKO clients are diversified holdings with subsidiaries in different cities and countries, retail chains and manufacturing enterprises, insurance companies and banks, mobile operators, energy companies, agricultural holdings and pharmaceutical companies, wholesale and retail trade companies, and engineering companies.


The LITIKO team successfully implemented projects for BASF Ukraine, ATB-Market, Vodafone Ukraine, Taskombank, PJSC Kyiv Cardboard and Paper Mill, NasosEnergomash plant, Arsenal-Center Trade and Industrial Group, UNIQA, Moldovagaz and JSC Moldova Steel Works, the largest Ukrainian pharmacy network “Low Price Pharmacies,” and other large-scale organizations.


Some digits from our clients:

documents in the system

64 000



processed documents per day

5 000

users on the system


retail stores


months - an average term for the project payback


The company has high-skilled specialties, which help us offer individual solutions that meet clients' needs and optimizes spending on purchasing, integration and adaptation of information systems.

Our consultants speak business language. Their main aim is to show how the process approach and modern IT systems help companies reach their business goals and achieve the highest results.

LITIKO employees have a practical experience in the following services and operations:

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    IT strategy development, IT consulting

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    Technical review of IT projects: from requirements collection and contractor choice up to the putting into operation

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    Implementation of paperless (electronic) document processing with a digital signature

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    Development of the electronic archives for contracts and other documents

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    Automation of contract management and HR processes

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    Description and automation of business processes

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    Implementation of electronic communication in the company, managing documents, information, and tasks

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    Integration automation of warehouse, finance, manufacturing, trade, and HR management

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    Automation of sales, service, and marketing management

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    Application integration of different difficulty level

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    Technical support of business information systems

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    Pre-project analysis, requirement analysis, and specification development

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    Digital workflow implementation

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    Implementation of streaming data entry systems and documents

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    Development of project documentation and technical documentation

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    Training for users and system administrators

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