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03.10.2022 / External resources

Almexoft is part of the Google for Startups program in Google Campus, Warsaw ‒ Poland

The initiative created this year after the beginning of the war in Ukraine by Google for Startups to support innovative Ukrainian technology companies, selected Almexoft to be part of the program. The main objective is to support and create opportunities for startups to continue the process of scaling and success in their journey.

Almexoft is an international technology company specializing in business process automation and document management, among the company’s customers are the largest domestic and transnational enterprises, banks, and Fortune 500 companies. At the beginning of 2022, we had one of the biggest challenges over these years, the war in Ukraine. With one of our offices in Kyiv, we had to be resilient and insightful to continue our operations providing high-level service and support for our customers. In mid-April Google for startups began a program with a noble purpose in which it supported potential Ukrainian tech companies. Almefoxt was chosen to be part of the program.

With the support of this brilliant initiative and a proactive Google team, with an environment that drives us to innovate every day, Almexoft develops its actions in a laboratory of ideas, with one of its main offices on Google Campus for Startups in Warsaw, Poland. We are proud to continue evolving and bringing innovation to the B2B market and to be part of a scenario that places Almexoft among the leading companies in low-code automation technology. And together with the support of this program that raises the company’s level, create initiatives to open new markets in EMEA and NORAM.

Read more details about the program in the material from Google.

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