Windows agent

Almexoft Windows Agent is an optional module that monitors Almexoft’s low-code notifications for Windows 10+ users.

module operation

Almexoft Windows Agent is designed to read from the server certain types of notifications of the Almexoft platform and display them to Windows 10+ users as standard Toast Notifications. To work with Almexoft Windows Agent, follow these steps:

Open and configure the server connection window
Authenticate in the module and choose the language
Configure notification types
Check the operation of notifications


In one test session, the system reads the number of messages specified in the configuration file (default - 10). If more messages have accumulated, the system will notify the user with the appropriate message, and offer to check the message on the site or in the mobile application.

In this way, the use of the Almexoft Windows Agent helps to monitor, control and receive notifications from the Almexoft platform on time and not to delay the task. Also simplify the notification process for Windows 10+ users.

Automation made easy with Almexoft!

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