Integration with NBU mail

The module of integration with the NBU mail serves to facilitate the interaction of Ukrainian banks with the National Bank of Ukraine in the field of the exchange of electronic legally significant documents.

Integration module for sending documents

Integration module for obtaining documents


Send integration module

Serves for sending generated XML-files to the NBU server. The module accepts only signed files as input. An XML file is formed from an envelope with a signature, a file and key parameters (meta-data) of an electronic document:

  • Organization of the recipient

  • Subdivision of the recipient

  • System number of the recipient

  • Type of sending

  • Type of shipment

  • Name of recipient's EDMS

  • Annotation to the electronic document

  • Document name

  • Performer

  • Organization of the sender

  • Subdivision of the sender

  • Number of the sender's system

  • Name of the sender's EDS

Receive integration module

The receiving module every 2 minutes (the time period is configured by the administrator) monitors the receipt of new letters, after the appearance of a letter, it creates a document according to a preconfigured template for incoming correspondence. It should be noted that this module can be connected to any instance of the business process of the Almexoft platform.

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