An additional module that is designed to automate the process of delegation of authority. Thanks to flexible settings and ease of use, it is possible to transfer user rights, both to the user himself and by the system administrator.

Головне фото модуля делеГуванняDelegation

Automatic delegation module

With the help of the module, it is possible to organize the transfer of work for a certain period of time and for predefined types of business processes in the event of a temporary absence of a user from the workplace.

Automatic delegation occurs using a special step, which is located in the “Advanced” tab when creating a template.

Фото модуля делеГування
Фото модуля делеГування

Scheme of work:


Information about the timing of replacement is entered


Delegate is selected


When setting up a business process, an account/ group of templates/ template is selected


Document creation process starts


Thus, the delegation process is performed automatically in a matter of minutes and does not require the participation of a system administrator. You can also perform specific functions. For example: extend the delegation or terminate the process prematurely. Renewal and end of delegation are flexible settings and are designed to simplify the process of agreeing on changes to the settings of the delegation process.

Фото функції модуля
Фото функції модуля
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