Enterprise content management

Almexoft ensures the automation and management of the security of document flow in your company. Simplify the file exchange process and provide the servicing of common customers by using the Almexoft platform.

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What is ECM?

Enterprise Content management

Enterprise content management – a solution for management of corporate content and digital documents, including the basic functional:

Ordered storage of digital documents

Handling and exchange within the organization

Joint working with documents and files

Using a digital signature

Role policy for access to the corporate content

Why is it easy and efficient to manage corporate content in the Almexoft platform?

Due to the flexible structure of information storage and the separation of the data storage layer from the presentation one, the Almexoft platform ensures high corporate standards in the class of ECM systems, and it is a first-rate tool for managing corporate content.

A conveniently ordered repository of content and documents

Forget about losing time with erroneously named or executed documents. Due to the ordered repository of content and documents, all corporate information is stored within a unique system to ensure data security. With the help of tools for easy document searching, downloading and uploading files, and integration with users’ accounts, the platform offers substantial functional capabilities in working with data and content.

Working with document templates, reports and electronic forms

Gain access to a big library of editable templates and forms, and manage recurring tasks with the help of automated work processes. Electronic cards of documents and fields and templates can be flexibly adapted.

Increasing the efficiency of work processes

Do away with irksome and repetitious processes of manual data entry by using flexible and straightforward document flow automation. Our system simplifies the execution of these routine tasks of controlling documents, allowing you to improve your performance, output and save more time that can be used for other business processes.

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