Electronic signature

The Almexoft platform is more than mere software for an electronic signature. Our platform meets all the needs in signing documents with an electronic digital signature and making them legally relevant

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What is an e-Signature?

An Almexoft-based digital signature

An Almexoft-based digital signature is an efficient tool for converting the entire document flow to electronic form. This tool addresses all key business issues:

An embedded mechanism for signing with an EDS
Signature visualization
Keys storage
Digital signature validation
Integration with platforms for digital signing of documents
A mechanism for checking the EDS

Electronic Digital Signature

Electronic Digital Signature — a requisite element of an electronic document obtained by cryptographic transformation of information using a private signature key. It allows checking for absence of information distortion in the electronic document since the moment of signature formation.

Why is it easy to organize a legally relevant document flow and the working with EDS in the Almexoft platform?

The availability of legitimate electronic digital signatures within the platform framework helps to dispose of their hard copies. Working with an electronic digital signature makes users’ actions legally relevant and enables organizing a completely paperless document flow in the company.

Legally relevant document flow

With EDS, users can certify the following: the approval of any decision, the approval and signing of a document card, and attachment file certification.

Visualization of EDS data

The availability of an embedded decorator provides a legally relevant document with a graphic component for ease of working with a document.

When documents are signed with an EDS, a QR code is generated.

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