Contract management lifecycle

The low-code Almexoft platform enables organizing an effective system for automation of contractual work, starting from drafting a contract and its finalizing by the contractor.

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What is CLM?

CLM based on Almexoft

CLM based on Almexoft is a corporate software solution that will close the issue of automation of contractual work:

Management of contract templates and forms
Set up of approval routes
Management of electronic cards and document fields
Tools for integration with accounting systems and digital signature systems
Mechanisms for managing rules
Embedded digital signature
Portal for the work of contractors

Why is it easy to organize the management of the contract lifecycle by implementing the Almexoft platform?

The platform implementation speeds up business by abandoning the paper model of document flow management, and it streamlines the coordination and monitoring of business processes, interaction with users and contractors along the entire supply chain.

Configuring the processes for working with contracts

Together with Almexoft, preparing contracts will be a matter of minutes.

Tweaking to manage deadlines and handbooks and electronic forms help to organize the most involved processes of approving contracts. The conditions for transition between the steps of a business process and the Drools module for creating business rules enable controlling contract implementation even in the biggest organization.

System for storage and systematization of contracts

Storage and systematization of all contracts of your company with many amendments and revisions can lead to chaos. The platform is focused on ordering and structuring all the contract-related changes.

Due to this, the platform users can easily access these documents, keep them in order and track the entire history of contract amendments.

Organizing contractual work with subcontractors and contractors

For ease and to speed up the work with contractors within the platform framework, tools are provided to organize electronic document flow with partners. The platform includes the additional AlmexSign module. This is an innovative development by Almexoft for organizing an in-house legally relevant document flow and document exchange with contractors within the framework of the unique platform. It also includes well-developed integration with the Vchasno (In time) service for handling incoming documents in a way convenient for you and your contractor.

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