Business process management

The low-code Almexoft platform will help your company automate and set up business processes to manage routine tasks.

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What is BPM?

BPM (Business Process Management)

a software product for automation of business processes, which includes:

  • The visual design of business processes using a convenient graphic editor;
  • The customization of screen forms, transitions between steps, step execution conditions, and automatic actions;
  • Aauser interface for working with processes;
  • A tool for analytics and generating business processes reports.

Creation and management of forms and process templates

Create unique forms for your business processes in no time. Set up working processes in real-time and add standard templates of required documents and reports using the flexible and multifunctional low-code Almexoft platform.

Why is it convenient and efficient to build automation of business processes based on the Almexoft platform?

Connecting the platform makes it possible to implement the concept of process management, which increases the efficiency and performance of company employees.

Automation of working business processes of the company

Acceleration and transformation of business processes


Boost productivity

Together with Almexoft, you can boost easily the productivity of the whole company. All company departments receive a tool for joint working with documents.

The processes of obtaining approvals, commenting, finalizing and signing documents in electronic form with the EDS make the performance of each department more efficient.

Full control and role policy

Using Almexoft, you can customize the role policy, and levels of access to information and corporate content. The creation and management of process roles make possible the flexible management of process executors and the tweaking of the process flow logic.

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