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Rudnev Aleksey

Interim Chairman of the Board of PJSC CB ACCORDBANK

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PJSC CB ACCORDBANK is a Ukrainian commercial bank with 82 branches, as well as 150 points of sale of credits across Ukraine, and it is continuing to expand its network. As of early 2021, PJSC CB ACCORDBANK (hereinafter, Bank) is among the TOP 30 financial institutions in the country as to the volume of money of physical and legal persons according to the data of the National Bank of Ukraine.

In January 2020, the bank management decided to implement the platform for the automation of business processes and electronic document flow. Following this, the bank started to search for, analyze and select systems represented in both the domestic market and abroad. According to evaluation results, the bank chose the Almexoft platform for the automation of business processes and electronic document flow. It consists of two basic program modules: AlmexECM and AlmexBPM.

The system enabled actualizing the following tasks:

  • Speed up document handling and report generation;
  • Accomplish full transition of in-house document flow to the electronic format;
  • Optimize in-house business processes.

As early as 2021, in less than 6 months, the platform was commissioned in the Bank. After the automation was launched, we received fast results and witnessed the automation potentialities.

Owing to this, the project of implementing the Almexoft platform yielded the following key results:

  • A unique information space was created;
  • Electronic document flow was set up: in-house documents, contracts, orders, minutes of meetings, memos, personnel-related memos, in-house regulatory documents, assignments, records;
  • 20 business processes and 15 handbooks were set up;
  • Report forms were set up.

It is worth mentioning the high professionalism of the Almexoft implementation team, the properly organized implementation process and the complete compliance of the platform’s functional: the Bank needs were met by connecting the platform in such short time.

By connecting the Almexoft platform, we made banking processes more transparent and controlled.


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