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13.07.2022 / Partners

Synergy of the international company Almexoft and Litiko

Synergy of the international company Almexoft and Litiko – a step toward realization of digital transformation of big business, with the help of low-code platform Almexoft.

Almexoft and Litiko announce the launch of a strategic partnership to provide Ukrainian clients with opportunities to transition to electronic legal-significant document management  on the basis of the Almexoft platform. Effective software that enables you to digitize key life-support and administrative processes is a necessary tool in a war.

Igor Prikhodko, CEO of Almexoft

Almexoft is a Ukrainian low-code platform that is rapidly developing and is providing a digital transformation of Fortune 500 world-famous companies and large companies and banks.

Successful project of automation of big business always has two key criteria: Innovative product with wide functionality and a professional team of it-integrator engaged in implementation.

The main focus of Almexoft is always on the development of the most functional, innovative product for fast automation of any business. The Almexoft team always strives to create a product to provide the highest level of user experience

Litiko has a high level of industry expertise and deep experience in business process automation and document management in electronic paperless form both in Ukraine and abroad. Due to the professional and high qualification of the technical staff of the integrator, within the framework of strategic partnership of both companies, Litiko will provide a full cycle of cooperation with the client: From primary consultations on the platform Almexoft to sale of licenses and introduction of the platform for the end-user.

What about the cooperation says CEO  Litiko, Sergei Litvinenko?

Sergei Litvinenko, CEO Litiko

We saw further development of our business, including in partnership with our industry leaders. We have analyzed the market and chosen Almexoft as the best partner company, the developer and distributor of the low-code platform. Having talked personally with Almexoft management about specifics of work, clients, cases and partnership, we have reached agreements on further partnership. In cooperation, we see the possibility of expanding the client base, entering new markets and implementing new large-scale projects. The main principles of our time are reliability, professionalism and speed, as well as maximum transparency, and we expect the same from our partner.

From now, Litiko will be one of Almexoft’s key partners in platform implementation in Ukraine and Moldova. In order to provide the platform’s technological advantage in the BPM/ECM system class across multiple markets, the Almexoft team is focused on introducing new platform features, developing marketing and integrating new integration partners around the world.

Given the wide customer base in Ukraine and the growing demand for Ukrainian-origin software products, the company is pleased to launch a new reliable alliance, Almexoft and Litiko.

Successful Litiko projects in light industry, retail, FMCG, and pharmaceuticals will complement Almexoft’s expertise in logistics, banks, insurance and financial companies, as well as the heavy industry, enabling the introduction of standard digital transformation facilities and increasing the overall expertise of the project teams.

Igor Prikhodko, CEO of Almexoft

I am confident that the alliance of leading process automation solutions from Almexoft and the best talents of the country to implement our platform from Litiko will provide our companies with a significant competitive advantage in the Ukrainian market in the next ten years, because when the strong unite, they become invincible!

Automation made easy with Almexoft!

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