Company case «TEHENERGO SERVICE 2014»

How to optimize business processes and implement electronic document management, reducing the processing time by 80

“TEHENERGOSERVICE 2014” LLP – is a company that is engaged in the operational and operational maintenance of electrical substations, overhead power lines of 35 kV voltage class and above. Since 2014, it has been a leader in the provision of technical, maintenance and repair services, carries out overhaul of electrical equipment for lines and substations, power transformers, and engineering support for new construction of power facilities. It is also the official dealer of PJSC “Uralmashzavod”.

The desire to maintain a leading position in the market and use advanced technologies to improve the quality of the entire enterprise has become the main reason for finding a suitable system for automating internal business processes and electronic document management.

The important tasks facing the company’s management were:

  • Correct registration of incoming/outgoing documents, minimizing the loss of documents.
  • Reducing the time spent on paperwork (registration of contracts, approval, sending). Since the main operational offices of the company are located in two different cities (Nur Sultan and Karaganda), the full cycle of work with the document took about 10 working days.
  • Storage of documents and management of the process of approval and execution of instructions for the document.

To optimize internal processes, improve the efficiency of tasks, and reduce the time for working with documentation, the company’s management decided to introduce a modern system for automating business processes and electronic document management. To implement this project, several Kazakh and foreign software products were analyzed, and, based on a tender, the AlmexECM software product with a built-in AlmexBPM business process automation module, an online editor, and native mobile applications was selected. The implementation of the system, analysis, and optimization of current business processes and setting up the chains of approval and execution of documents were carried out professionally and in the shortest possible time by the employees of Almexoft Kazakhstan.

The extensive functionality of the system made it possible to implement the following tasks:

  • Optimize and harmonize all business processes of the company related to office work;
  • Provide transparent document flow, registration of incoming/outgoing documents, correspondence, personnel documentation;
  • Generate the necessary reports: a report on the registration of incoming/outgoing documentation, a report on the implementation of tasks and instructions;
  • Monitor executive discipline.

The full implementation of the system took about 8 months and took place in two stages. The first stage took 6 months and consisted of forming templates, working groups, and setting up processes. During the second stage, Almexoft specialists provided detailed instructions and training on how to administer the system. Our colleagues note a high level of system penetration, a clear and simple interface of the web version, and mobile application for Android and iOS. Also, thanks to the open API, the platform allows you to interact with other internal systems and services of the company, which makes it possible to quickly and efficiently integrate AlmexECM into a single IT landscape.

The most indicative results of the implementation of AlmexECM:

    • The time for processing and approving documents, delivering it to addressees was reduced by 80%;
    • The general expenses of the company related to the sending of documents (printing costs, courier services) were reduced by 10%;
    • Significant reduction in paperwork, which solved the problem of loss of documentation;
    • Thanks to AlmexECM, the main problem of the company was solved, connected with the long chain of documents approval due to the location of the company’s representative offices in different cities;
    • Ensuring a high level of corporate data security thanks to several levels of protection;
    • Efficient and fast search for electronic documents in a single system within the framework of role-based policies and security regulations.

Cooperation with Almexoft and implementation of the business process automation and electronic document management system AlmexECM made it possible to solve the arising problems of business growth and scaling and to implement a number of strategic goals of the TEHENERGOSERVICE top management.

The implementation of the project influenced the improvement of the efficiency of both ordinary employees and the company’s management and the reduction of the company’s administrative costs. After the end of the project, the Almexoft support service has established itself as a reliable team of specialists, able to efficiently and quickly respond and resolve emerging requests. Automation of cross-functional business processes and electronic document management and its impact on business efficiency

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